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Information About CLAC
CLAC (Colorado Legislative Action Committee):

CLAC is a committee of CAI National. The committee members (delegates) are drawn from members of CAI in Colorado.

CLAC Roster:

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Frequently Asked Questions Handbook:

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Live Link to Colorado Legislature Information:

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CLAC Minutes:

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Click Here CCIOA.pdf for a pdf version of the 

Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act (CCIOA),

including changes made by SB06-89.

HOA Information Office

The Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) operates an HOA Information office.

HOA Registration and Information
In addition to the annual Secretary of State registration, HOAs are required to register annually with the Colorado Division of Real Estate. An HOA that fails to register, renew its registration, or pay the required fee may be precluded from imposing or enforcing a lien for assessments.  Click here to search for registered HOAs.

Please check back on the Division of Real Estate‚Äôs website at for updates regarding the HOA Information Office and Resource Center.
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The following are links to other resources for HOAs from DORA:

Colorado Acts
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